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How to order:


  • Electronic order : online directly on our website / e-shop by adding goods to the cart
  • By e-mail : , write the text in the subject: Order: Your name . In the e-mail field, write the order in the form: Code - name - number of pieces, your delivery and billing address, phone / mobile.
  • By phone : Mobile : 602 147 512, SMS: 602 147 512, Tel. (Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00): 416 861 338)
  • Letter : the last way by postal, letter order to the address: Vladimír Manda, Dolánky nad Ohří 153, 413 01

Date - This is an approximate stock date! There is no delivery date to the address! The date is not binding, you can send a question about the delivery date in advance. We can freely order goods in stock and within a week, other dates see pre-order below ...

Packaging - there is a minimum purchase quantity, only uni size, one size goods with a term of 1 day are possible for 1 piece.

Send pre-orders in a separate order, before sending a binding order, copy the contents of the basket to our e-mail, first we will check the availability of the goods, then write the text in the note at the address: I agree with the pre-order about delivery and you can re-order the goods from the warehouse until the next day and send in one order. We recommend selecting one manufacturer from the same delivery date. Permanent business partners can freely order any goods, we will gradually ship with regular orders.


1. After registration and assignment of the VO price, click on: "Log in" in the right part of the e-shop

2. Enter your email, password and click "Continue"

3. You can now shop at wholesale prices , choose from the following features:

  • color (when VO collection after packaging, the package is usually an evenly mixed mix of colors, the color can be selected only if the property is set: _on selection (then write in the note the text: code-color-quantity, .. or select a directly available color variant) ,
  • size (when picking up after packaging, it is not possible to choose a size, it is always true that the sizes in the package are evenly mixed, eg 6 sizes = 6 pieces of packaging.)
  • quantity (for VO collection after packaging, write the number of pieces according to the package sold, which is listed below the picture or in the catalog detail, other quantities only in advance by agreement, if you want 6 pieces, write 6 and put in the basket, as the price is 1 piece, not for packaging, so the number you entered in the basket will multiply with the price for 1 piece, the minimum quantity for VO collection is 3 pcs, more expensive goods from 300 CZK / 12 euros can be 2 pcs each)

4. To add goods to the cart, click on the text: add to cart

4a. It is not possible to add goods to the cart in stock and from the coming month!

5. You continue to add the goods to the basket or continue to end the purchase by clicking on the "basket" in the right part.

6. Review the embedded items and click "Order"

7. If possible, fill in all fields of the delivery address and billing address (which you have listed in the trade license) and click on "Continue"

8. Then you should automatically receive an e-mail confirming the order, which you also check (if we do not contact you within 2 days, please urge your order, a technical error may have occurred)

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Manda Vladimír
Dolánky nad Ohří 153
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

IČ: 15162061
DIČ: CZ6003021255

ČÍSLO ÚČTU: zasíláme s fakturou až když je objednávka připravena k odeslání



Ing. Vladimír Manda ml.: 00420 724 047 521 (manažer, veškeré informace o spolupráci, e-shopu, sortimentu)
SKYPE: vladimir.manda1

Hana Mandová: 00420 602 147 512 (vedoucí skladu, dotazy ohledně objednávek, reklamace)
SKYPE: vladimir.manda1

TELEFON Sklad: 416 861 338
(Po až Pá, od 8:00 do 17:00)


pro rychlé dotazy: 1italskamoda/


Arnoštova 89
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

pondělí až pátek: 8:00 - 17:00
sobota: 8:00 - 11:00



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